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Night Shift icon change 

Night Shift mode in iOS 9.3 Beta 3  
Night shift mode in iOS 9.3 beta 5


Well I don’t find any reasons why did apple made changes in icon I guess the older eye icon was already in use with many other brands, over one look even new icon can be confusing with screen brightness icon.


New Bugs in iOS 9.3 Beta 3

Apple started to know about mobile network more in its new update iOS 9.3 Beta 3

Apple introduces wifi call from American service providers

Apart from that it took iOS 9.3 Beta 3 for Apple to understand differences between LTE/4G/3G

  Minute GUI glitches were solved in this new update some of them are listed below

In iOS 9.3 Beta 2 while searching network bar & search bar use to get over lap

In iTunes Music icon still gets disappears like you can see in this one

There is no icon above “My Music”

iPad Air Blue screen iOS8

First capture data of blue screen error aka as BSOD in apple devices.  Diagnostic and usage data shows first ever Panic.ips. Newest term created for iOS 8

IMG_0082            IMG_0081
Everyone who are having blue screen error on iOS 8 go to
Settings/General/About/Diagnostics & Usage/Diagnostics & Usage Data/ and check for panic.ips