So here what actually happened

I never removed my memory stick or battery during updates

What I did was

I applied a Custom Firm Ware (CFW) named Tudu PSP on Gen C

and on that I go to VSH menu and clicked shutdown

then it automatically got redirected to tudu PSP registry hack I was not knowin it every thing was written in blue

I clicked Shutdown on that registry hack thinkin that it will normally shutdown but it showed somewhat like “saving configuration n settings” and it suddenly got switched off

Now it just shows the green light on without any sound n get switch off it doesn’t even read my memory stick.

Please help me in unbrickin my PSP

Or tell me is there any Possibility

PSP Configuration

PSP 3004

MotherBoard : TA 090 V2

Firmware : OFW 5.03


What I want to say

Is that PSP hack technology is not enough well developed k it can’t even remove all the codes from PSP’s Nand memory

what kinda hack were these ppl doing from so many year

I remember this line from the movie Iron Man 2

“I’m limited by the technology of my time, but one day you’ll figure this out.”